Gladden Boxing Club has an excellent opportunity for you to show your sense of community involvement by helping young aspiring boxers pursue and accomplish their goals.

We know businesses take pride in their support of non-profit organizations in their local community and we are looking for businesses that are willing to help us develop and promote these future boxing champions. Gladden Boxing Club would like to give our amateurs every opportunity to learn and grow as boxers and people and help them reach the highest level they can in the amateur ranks. Gladden Boxing Club is building an important platform by promoting amateur boxers and giving young amateurs another avenue in which they can take their boxing careers if they choose.

While Sponsorship does afford some benefits for the sponsor, the higher purpose is to help provide local kids/young adults, with the opportunity to experience all the highs and lows of reaching their goals. To enable them to learn the values of hard work, discipline, team work, sportsmanship, the ability to overcome inevitable hurdles and ultimately feel the joys of accomplishment. Values we believe contribute to being a good community citizen.

We are currently seeking sponsors so that boxers from Gladden Boxing Club can continue to attend regional, national and international tournaments and training camps, as well as continue to promote our own tournaments to showcase our boxers against the best possible opponents available.

If you would like further information on how to sponsor Gladden Boxing Club, please contact us: (352) 278-0397 or email